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Universal Counter

  • What is universal counter?
  • Universal Counter will count the number of page views of any web page.
  1. Use Universal Counter in your auction pages. We have free service called fast counters for eBay auctions. If you are looking for counters for eBay auctions use our free service here Universal Counter will work with any auction sites but you have to add them manually in your auction description.
  2. Use Universal Counter in your home page
  3. Use Universal Counter in your business web site
  4. Use Universal Counter in your eBay aboutme page
  5. Possibilities are endless.
Using Universal Counter is also easy. Please follow these steps
  1. Complete registration if you are not a registered user already. You can register by clicking "register" icon found on most pages of our web site
  2. Log in from the home page
  3. Once inside member area click "new counter" icon found on the left side.
  4. Select counter style, counter name, number of counters and click "get counter" button
  5. You will be given html codes for your counters and you can then add these codes to your web pages

Universal Counter service has free part and premium part. Please read this page carefully to understand which is free and which is not. In any case you will always be reminded of any charges whenever you are about to be charged. If in doubt please read any instructions on the pages.

You can add any of these counters for free.

These free counters will be accompanied by the following logo

We also have a premium style called Invisible counter. For this premium service nothing will be visible and no casual users can tell that you are actually keeping track of hits for your web pages. We charge 1 universal credit for every 100 hits from all your Invisible counters. Please read about universal credits here (if you don't know already) Note: You can use these Invisible counters in your eBay auctions if you like but you will be charged.

You can delete and add your counters any time and there is no charge for using these basic counter management services. Deleting refers to removing any references about your counters from our database. You still must remove html counter tags from your web pages yourself.

You can view counter stats, graphs for hits vs date, graphs for hits vs hours etc. for a price. The price for this service will vary depending on how much you have used universal credits within the last 20 days. In general if you have used a lot of universal credits within the last 20 days your price (in universal credits) will be low. If you have rarely used universal credits within the last 20 days your price will be high. Basically we are rewarding our best customers. Maximum and minimum spot price for these analysis services will vary depending on how popular this service, the load of our system at the time of your request etc. In any case you will always know how much you are going to be charged and there will be no surprises.

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