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Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit?

Many premium services on our web site require that you purchase certain amount of credits in advance. For example if you want to use Power Relister you have to purchase Power Relister credits. If you want to use Auto Feedback you have to purchase Auto Feedback credits. Up until now there is no way you can use, say, Auto Feedback, with, say, Power Relister credits. We are now introducing Universal Credits which will eventually be compatible with many premium services. The following table describes the services compatible with Universal Credits

ServiceDescriptionHow many credits?
Review Feedbacksclick here 1 universal credit for processing 900 feedbacks.
Read the description for more details
Return Feedbackclick here 2 universal credits for returning 1 feedback
Auto Feedbackclick here 3 universal credits for automatically returning 1 feedback
1 universal credit for sending 1 thank you email
Power Relisterclick here 4 universal credits to relist 1 auction without changing anything
Easy Mailer Goldclick here 2 credits for 1 email
Power Mailerclick here 1 credit for 1 email
Auto Mailerclick here 1 credit for 1 email
Max Emailclick here 20 credits for 1 successful snipe retrieval
Bid Sniperclick here If you are not a gold snipe member you will be charged
25 universal credits if you go over your 1 free snipe quota
Sale Reporterclick here 1 credit for 500 transactions
Universal Counterclick here Please check description by clicking on the left cell
Image Hosting click here Please check description by clicking on the left cell

Terms of Service

By purchasing Universal Credits you agree to the following.

This web site is not affiliated with any other web sites and in particular not affiliated with eBay and has no formal relation with eBay. It also does not receive any technical assistance from eBay or other web sites. The services we provide on this site are possible only because you can do it yourself. The services automate what you can do yourself albeit laboriously.

If eBay changes their site some of our services may break. We will make our best effort to fix it but it may take up to one week to fix.


The latest prices for Universal Credits can be found here

Expired credits

Credits which have expiration date more than 60 days ago will be reduced daily. Please click here to check the table.

Refund Policy

Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of
user agreement and privacy policy.

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