Monday July 1 2012 7:09 am Eastern US Time

All our services have been successfully restored.

Saturday June 30 2012 6:32 pm Eastern US Time

Beginning June 29 2012 8:20 pm Eastern US Time our web servicies become highly degraded. This was traced to power issues at our hosting company, Amazon Web Services. The hosting company suffered power problem caused by storm affecting US eastern coast. Although most of our sites remain seemingly functional our network connectivity had been very slow since then. Our snipe service which rely on on the bid acitivty was affected.

You can verify the problem at
We use their ' Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (N. Virginia)'

Monday Apr 9 2012 20:40 pm Eastern US Time

From 12 am Eastern, our services suffered outage due to internal network failures. All services are now restored. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Saturday Oct 29 2011 14:02 pm Eastern US Time

All services had been restored beginning 12:50 pm US Time

Saturday Oct 29 2011 12:33 pm Eastern US Time

We are doing an important system upgrade and most server functionality is down. We will restore all services in about 20 minutes.

Tuesday June 21 2011 7:57 pm Eastern US Time

Users of the following countries should no longer experience problems with snipe service: Austria, France, Germany

Thursday June 16 2011 8:49 pm Eastern US Time

Recent changes at eBay has broken our snipe service for our customers bidding on items listed on eBay European sites. We are working to fix this problem.

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