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Bid Sniper Club Terms of Service

We offer three levels of snipe service. The following table is a comparison.

ServiceCost $$web page of your current snipesone click cancellationone click editingusage limitationj-snipe tooldeca-snipe toolregistration
publicFreeNo.No.No. Cancel previous snipe and resubmit new one.Up to 1 snipe running at any timeNoNoNo
memberFreeYesYesYesUp to 1 snipe running at any timeNoNoYes. Registration requires a valid eBay account
goldYes. Check the rate belowYesYesYesUnlimited usageUnlimited usageUnlimited usageYes. Registration requires a valid eBay account
universal25 universal creditsYesYesYesLimited only by credit balance in your account NoNoYes. Registration requires a valid ebay account

All registered members enjoy the following free benefits.

  • Unlimited number of items -- up to 80 days -- on ended page. Ended page is one where you keep track of ended auctions.
  • Convenience of deleting and canceling multiple items from multi-delete page.
  • You can edit and delete as many times as you wish.

In addition to above free benefits a Gold members enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Unlimited number of items on the current-auctions page.
  • Unlimited access to powerful deca-snipe tool to submit up to 10 jobs at once.
  • Unlimited access to powerful j-snipe tool to conveniently submit snipe jobs without having to type in the auction number.

Please click here to purchase gold membership or universal credits

All members agree that we cannot be responsible for lost bids because of various factors that are out of our control in determining internet communication.

Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of
user agreement and privacy policy.

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