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Super Lister

  • What is Super Lister?
    It is a powerful online auction listing tool.
  • What are the features of Super Lister?
    1. It is compatible with any internet client including but not limited to Windows, Macintosh, WebTV, Linux, Unix. If you can surf the web you can use Super Lister
    2. No download of bad programs required. No messy installation to mess up your computer.
    3. The only requirement is a good web browser!
    4. No disk space required! All your data is online.
    5. You can access Super Lister from any where in the world with just the browser!
    6. List up to 10 auctions at once.
    7. Schedule your auctions for automatic launching later. You must be a registered member to use this feature
    8. Favorite Categories: Revolutionary way to manage your categories. Super Lister will remember your categories and will only present those categories when you use it the next time.
    9. Simple yet powerful interface
  • How much does it cost to use Super Lister?
    It's free during the introductory period. When we introduce the fee you will be given ample notice. The fee will be very reasonable like many of our services. Even when we introduce the fee Relisting through Super Lister will be free.
  • Where do I use Super Lister?
    If you want to use it as a registered member you just log in to the seller area and start using it right away.
    If you don't want to register you can use it here

Super Lister and Relisting

  • Auctions listed not with Super Lister must be relisted using Power Relister tool. Power Relister fees can be found here
  • Auctions listed with Super Lister can be relisted using a special Super Lister tool and it won't cost you any money.
  • You must use Super Lister as a registered member to take advantage of this free relist offer.
  • Relisting with Super Lister is much more reliable!
  • Relisting with Super Lister is much faster!

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