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Power Mailer

This is an enhanced version of Easy Mailer Gold designed for an eBay Power Seller.

If you have been using Easy Mailer Gold you know how easy it is to send emails to your buyers. Well Power Mailer is even easier to use.

  • Power Mailer can email every one on the list with a press of one button.
  • Power Mailer can send one email to the winner of multiple auctions and combine shipping fee.
  • Power Mailer can handle multiple items winner of a dutch auction.

If you don't know what Easy Mailer Gold is we ask you to read about it here. Power Mailer comes with all the benefits of Easy Mailer Gold plus the ability to send all emails in one step instead of multiple clicking of email buttons.

Even if you don't have existing Easy Mailer Gold account you can take a look at how easy it is to send emails using Power Mailer

To look at Power Mailer page you need to log in as a registered member to the seller area. Any eBay user can register for free here You won't see anything exciting unless you have many auctions which ended within the last 16 days.

In order to use Power Mailer you have to purchase Universal Credits, UC.

  • It costs 1 UC to send 1 email to 1 bidder.
  • If you combine multiple auctions then it only costs 1 UC to send 1 email for multiple auctions to 1 bidder.
The latest prices for Universal Credits can be found here.
More information about Universal Credits can be found here.
Universal Credits are also good for other premium services.

Auto Mailer... is the ultimate email tool

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  • You can fully automate your EOA emails with Auto Mailer. With this feature all countless hours you spend doing EOA emails can now be spent doing better things. This automated EOA feature can
    1. retrieve the list of your successful auctions and email addresses of your winning bidders,
    2. determine the winning bid,
    3. determine the shipping cost -- if necessary
    4. determine the total due -- if necessary
    5. send your own preformatted emails with items 1, 2, 3, and 4 all included.
    Only one initial submission of your own personalized form letters and you won't ever have to worry about sending EOA emails.

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