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  • How do I check my counter stats including hourly and daily graphics?
    Please log in as a seller from the home page and you will see counter icon to click on the right side

  • Someone told me about great snipe services available on this web site
    Please explore the site. Most information can be found by clicking links from the home page.
    For free service please click ``public snipe" link from home page.
    More info about all snipe services can be found at ``Free Member" link from the home page
    To purchase premium services please click ``store" from the home page or ``products" icon found at the top of other pages

  • Help! I have forgotten my password
    You can reset your password. Please enter your email address here and follow the instructions you get in your email.

  • To register your eBay user id -- which is not an email address -- please log in using your email address, then click "account" and then "eBay id/email" link

  • I have changed my email address on eBay. How can I make the corresponding change on Help!
    Please log in using your old email address. Then click "account" icon and then "eBay id/email" link and follow the screen instructions.

  • I want to snipe an auction listed in a currency other than US$ but the system shows only $ sign
    Please ignore $ sign. Sniping works just like bidding at eBay. No currency conversion is done.

  • I want to check my universal credit balance and/or the status of other premium services
    Please log in as a seller from the home page. Then click "account" icon.

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