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Prices for Feedback Review Service

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What is Feedback Review Service?

This service selectively picks out negative and neutral comments from an eBay feedback profile for easy review by the user. This service has been operational and offered free of charge since the beginning of our web site over two years ago. During this period we have happily served million of requests as a courtesy service to eBay auction community. This service is very bandwidth intensive and because bandwidth is very expensive we are now forced to charge a fee to recover our cost. As far as we know no other web site offers this service

Terms of Service

By purchasing our Feedback Review service you agree to the following.

This web site is not affiliated with eBay and has no formal relation with eBay. It also does not receive any technical assistance from eBay. The services we provide on this site are possible only because you can do it yourself directly on eBay.

If eBay changes their site this service may break. We will make our best effort to fix it but it may take up to one week to fix.


Our price is based on total number of feedbacks we have to retrieve from eBay. Long feedback profiles mean we have to transfer a lot of bytes and we pay our service provider based on how many bytes we transfer. In order to use this service you have to purchase Universal credits and 1 Universal credit is good for processing up to 900 feedback comments. Notice that a user with overall feedback score, say, 1500, may have more than 1500 feedback comments which include positives, negatives and neutrals. We charge according to the total number of comments in a profile NOT the overall score. If a user has over 10,000 comments you can choose to process only, say, 2,000 comments and you will be charged for only 2,000 comments.

To repeat 1 Universal credit is good for processing up to 900 feedback comments. So if you purchase 1000 universal credits you can process up to 900,000 feedback comments.

The latest prices for Universal Credits can be found here.
More information about Universal Credits can be found here.
Universal Credits are also good for other premium services.

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