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eBay Snipe Program

To use the program download the zip file, extract it to the desired location, and open the .jar file. You also need Java which may already be installed on your computer. If opening .jar file does not bring up the program, you probably do not have Java. To check or download from Sun, click here
Download zip file
SHA1SUM 7a8283704f9044c344328d10dbf2f309c65fe111

This program respects number/currency/time format of your system language. Your computer time zone can be anything even though eBay time zone is california. This snipe program synchronizes its time with our time server to make sure that your snipe is placed on time though your computer time should not be more than 15 minutes off from the correct time of your time zone.

Screen shots:

Operating system is Windows Vista and language is English (USA)

Operating system is Ubuntu Linux

Operating system is Windows 7 beta and language is English (Australia)

Software tested on Windows XP Pro, Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 beta, Ubuntu Linux 8.10, OpenSolaris 10.

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