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Auctionbase is the first online database system dedicated to handling eBay auctions. It is designed for an eBay seller who needs a simple and cost effective database to keep track of many auctions.


  • Data is imported directly from eBay. Except for your shipping fees there is no need to type in your information. You can also leave out the shipping fees if you don't wish to keep track of it and then you will have much less typing.
  • The following columns are available.
    1. item number
    2. bidder email
    3. auction title
    4. auction end date
    5. final bid
    6. fvf (final value fees)
    7. shipping fees
    8. bid + shipping = total
    9. shipped/unshipped status
    10. paid/unpaid status
  • You can choose to display all columns or just those you select
  • sort according to item number, title, end date, or email
  • sort in ascending or descending order
  • Keep track of payment status by checking a box next to each item
  • Keep track of delivery status by checking another box next to each item
  • Red highlight unpaid items after x number of days and you decide the value of x.
  • Delete multiple items from the database easily
  • You can backup your data to your local harddrive by importing data in tab delimited format.
Advantages of this online database is that
  • You don't have to maintain the software.
  • You save your hard disk space
  • Free your system of scarce system resources.
  • Never mess with your system by installing and reinstalling unreliable software. Do you prefer to work on your auctions or risk some software installation crashing your system?
  • Your data is accessible with any web browser from anywhere in the world. You can even manage your data while you are away from your own computer. Compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Webtv and any modern web browser.

Here is a demo page


It costs 1 universal credit to import one piece of data into the database. One piece of data is defined as 1 bidder on 1 item. There is no cost to browse and search the database once you have already imported the data.

The latest prices for Universal Credits can be found here.
More information about Universal Credits can be found here.
Universal Credits are also good for other premium services.

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