• We are experienced in building web robots and can automate many repetitive tasks that involve your browser or email program. We can custom craft your robots to your exact specification. They do not necessarily have to be related to eBay or auction industry.
    Price depends on the exact nature of the work. In most cases we can provide custom robots as a service contract. Not only do we fabricate your robot according to your specs we will also host and run your robots for you. Such plans involve affordable initial fabrication fees and monthly service fees. Initial fabrication fees do not even cover our hourly rates but we offset this by charging you subsequent service fees.
    We can also of course provide complete robot environment which live on your computer. For this task we charge hourly.
  • Do you like our tools and wish to host them on your web site? We can custom label some of our tools and you can host the tools on your site. Price depends on the exact nature of the agreement. If you are interested please email us with your detailed proposal. We cannot entertain any email asking how much this or that will cost. We expect you to come up with a detailed plan and the nature of your site.
  • We are also experienced in building complex web sites. We can build, host, and administer your business, database driven, secure web site on our servers. This service is particularly suitable if you need custom programming for your business. We can write custom programs, host and maintain them on our server. The cost will be substantially less than the cost of custom programming + hosting.
    This web site hosting plan is not your average $19.99 a month plan where your site is hosted with literally 1,000 of other sites on one server. In particular it is not a cheap web hosting plan to host auction images.

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