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Auto Feedback Robot

We have a great utility called Easy Feedback which returns all positive feedback received by an eBay user. Auto Feedback Robot will fully automate this process!
  • Every morning Auto Feedback Robot will check your feedback profile and return all positive feedback given to you since the last transaction.
  • Auto Feedback Robot will not return feedback for negative or neutral comments.
  • You can save up to 20 of your favorite comments and Auto Feedback Robots will use all 20 of your comments at a time so that it will look like a real person is giving feedback diligently.
  • Saving Comment must be done from the member area but you can take a look at the simple interface here
  • You can also edit/modify your comments at any time.
  • Optionally Auto Feedback Robot can also send your personalized "thank you" emails to the buyers notifying them that their feedback has been returned to them. This is a great way to solicit more business from the buyers and makes a good public relation.
  • "Thank you" email feature is optional and you can turn off this feature at any time and use the feedback feature only. You can turn it back on any time.
  • You can also turn off the whole Auto Feedback Robot temporarily at anytime simply by turning off a simple switch in your member area.
  • You must be a registered user to use Auto Feedback Robot. Please register here


You must purchase Universal Credits before you can use Auto Feedback.
  • It costs 3 universal credits for giving feedback for 1 transaction.
  • It costs extra 1 credit if you also use the optional "thank you" email feature.
The latest prices for Universal Credits can be found here.
More information about Universal Credits can be found here.
Universal Credits are also good for other premium services.

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